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"QuickWitz is bound to be the gold standard of an enjoyable and effective way to keep sharp, stay well, and live to the fullest."

– J. Walker, SC

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Want a solution to a potential aging problem?

Choose QuickWitz, a mental fitness program designed to maximize mental ability in midlife and beyond. QuickWitz is composed of hands-on, fun, and interactive activities designed to help the aging brain get sharp and stay sharp.

QuickWitz is unique in the brain training field as it is offered to participating adults in a social setting. Social connectedness remains an important aspect of overall health. Studies now suggest that low social activity in aging adults is associated with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

The QuickWitz program is presented as a 36-week brain training curriculum organized into three trimesters to be facilitated by community staff or coaches. At QuickWitz, we believe that encouragement and feedback provided by a living person make classes more effective and more fun. Community team members have established that trust and camaraderie. Additionally, there is no need for expensive single purpose computer equipment. All that is needed to host a QuickWitz course is a DVD player and large screen TV.

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